An inexpensive but tough work bench

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custom work bench

An inexpensive but tough work bench

A workbench is a must have for many shops and it frustrating to find one that works for your particular needs. Whether you are a do-it-yourself’er in a home garage or a professional in a well equipped fab shop, pallet racking can be configured to provide an excellent workbench.

custom workbench   custom workbench   custom workbench


Standard pallet racking components are of the right dimension for most workbench designs. Bench depths of 24 – 48” are common and the width of the workbench can range from 48” to 12’. The height of the bench can be tailored to your needs and you can even have a design that provides for an overhead shelf and lighting if desired. The benchtop itself can range from an inexpensive sheet or two of plywood to laminate or stainless-steel. For a more flexible bench, you can add locking casters to make the bench portable!

Pricing  your workbench.

The parts list is simple:

  • 2 short pallet racking frames or uprights of the desired depth and height. If you want casters on your bench don’t forget to add the height of the caster to your frame height.
  • 4 or more pallet racking beams to establish the width of the bench and number of shelves.
  • Bench top of the desired width and depth and type of material.
  • (optional) Casters or adjustable feet to allow you to move or level the bench.

CMI stocks hundreds of beams and frames in used and new condition and we can assemble a package to meet your exact need. Your bench will range in cost between a hundred dollars for a basic bench to several hundred dollars depending on how cool you want your bench to look.

Regardless of your investment you will have a workbench that can be easily disassembled for a move, will be sturdy enough for even the heaviest of applications and will likely outlast you!

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