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Warehouse Systems by CMI Sales Inc. Pallet Racking Wire Mesh Decks

Wire mesh is the industry standard shelving material for most warehouse racking applications. Its key benefits are:

  • Reduced dust / contaminant collection.
  • Best suited for fire suppresion.
  • Built-in weight support
  • Superior safety protection against poorly placed pallet loads
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion

CMI carries Western Canada’s largest stock of wire mesh sizes. Our stocked wire mesh is of welded construction with inverted channels that do not collect dirt, water or contaminants and hot-dipped galvanized to prevent rusting. We can also deliver sizes to fit all rack shelf dimensions or address specific needs of your warehouse.


Stocked Wire Mesh Dimensions

(Depth x width in inches)*It is standard practice to use 2 or more pieces to cover a shelf.

  • 24 x 24
  • 36 x 24
  • 42 x 24
  • 44 x 24
  • 48 x 24
  • 24 x 46
  • 36 x 46
  • 42 x 46
  • 44 x 46
  • 48 x 46
  • 24 x 52
  • 36 x 52
  • 42 x 52
  • 44 x 52
  • 48 x 52

The combinations of the widths above will accommodate most all shelf widths. BY adding multiple pieces of the same width or a mix of widths you are able to quickly build out the mesh shelf you require.  For example, if your beams which join the frames are 96″ long, you would require two mesh decks 46″ wide. This adds up to 92″, allowing for a bit of play when installing the decks. If you have 108″ beams, you would require two mesh decks 52″ wide, and so on.

Check our used section for possible savings!

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