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Used & New Storage Systems

Racking, shelving, material handling products available in quality pre-owned condition. Complimented with new as needed or designed as new from the start. Custom painting also available.

Industrial Supplies

Locally stocked industrial supplies and material handling products from a global community of manufacturers.

Installation, Maint. & de-install Services

Professional installations, inspections and repairs services. Racking, Shelving, Docks.

Warehouse & Storage Space Design

Consider your space, your inventory specifics, material movement, your local building code.

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Shelving Systems – Used and New

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Commercial Grade Shelving – New and Used We all accumulate and need stuff and to keep it relevant and organized shelving is a must. Whether for a home, office, retail stock room, warehouse, distribution centre or fabrication shop, shelving is an indispensable organizer. There are unlimited style options available – from the original bolt-together version

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Lockers – New & Used

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Lockers – Various configurations available in new and used. The workplace is not a place for personal items. However, employers are now either required by labour regulations or feeling a sense of obligation to their staff to provide a secure place for personal items such as purses, workwear or other valuables. Lockers – new &

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Wire Mesh Deck

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Wire Mesh Deck for Pallet Rack and Shelving Systems Wire mesh deck have evolved into an integral part of selective pallet racking and shelving storage systems.  Historically, many businesses used plywood supported by metal support bars or 2 x 6 lumber. However, building codes and fire protection regulations have also evolved and wire mesh is

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