Lockers – New & Used

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Lockers – New & Used

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Lockers – Various configurations available in new and used.

The workplace is not a place for personal items. However, employers are now either required by labour regulations or feeling a sense of obligation to their staff to provide a secure place for personal items such as purses, workwear or other valuables. Lockers – new & used are ideal for secure storage on the work premises.

Most identified with this application is the traditional school locker and it comes in many different configurations. New configurations can be ordered to meet specific interior and walls-space dimensions, interior options, door panel options, lock options, colour and finishing panels sizes. Most manufacturers do stock a standard locker – typically 18″D x 12″W x 68″H in full height, 2-tier (2 door), 3 tier and 6 tier configurations.


It is common to find lockers from CMI in the full-height, two and three-tier configurations, but configurations of 6 doors per single bank are also available. Construction is typically welded sheet-metal, the wear and tear they experience will show up. CMI can provision new configurations in response to school renovation bid requests. Used lockers are in great demand for industrial workplace staff lockers for boots, coveralls, helmets, gloves and tools. Elsewhere, they are sold to homes for mud rooms, garage and even gun storage, workout gyms for clothing changes, restaurants for staff personal items, and I am sure we have not seen the last of creative applications!

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