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Shelving Systems – Used and New

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Commercial Grade Shelving – New and Used

We all accumulate and need stuff and to keep it relevant and organized shelving is a must. Whether for a home, office, retail stock room, warehouse, distribution centre or fabrication shop, shelving is an indispensable organizer.

There are unlimited style options available – from the original bolt-together version to new, highly configurable bolt-less styles offered with colour choice and choice of shelving materials. Given the cost of labour, the bolt-together systems of old are becoming too costly to set-up and adjust for most installations.

Shelving systems can be quickly assembled and adjusted to match the exact dimensions of a room or space. They can form the basis for a multi-level mezzanine or catwalk system, be enclosed for security, have shelves of wood, metal, or wire mesh fronted with doors, mounted with parts drawers, set up with workbenches – the possibilities are endless.

Due to their durable design, bolt-less systems will last for years and CMI has re-purposed used systems many times. Our stock of used can be combined with new pieces to provide a cost effective solution for applications large and small.

There are also specialized shelving systems available for specific applications such as food preparation kitchens, cold storage, horticulture, etc.

We stock used and new in a variety of style from EZrect, Easyup and Metalware plus a number of specialty manufacturers for specific applications such as cold or grocery storage.
Easyrect HD shelving
EZ Workbench  chrome wire shelfmetalware

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Lockers – New & Used

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Lockers – Various configurations available in new and used.

The workplace is not a place for personal items. However, employers are now either required by labour regulations or feeling a sense of obligation to their staff to provide a secure place for personal items such as purses, workwear or other valuables. Lockers – new & used are ideal for secure storage on the work premises.

Most identified with this application is the traditional school locker and it comes in many different configurations. New configurations can be ordered to meet specific interior and walls-space dimensions, interior options, door panel options, lock options, colour and finishing panels sizes. Most manufacturers do stock a standard locker – typically 18″D x 12″W x 68″H in full height, 2-tier (2 door), 3 tier and 6 tier configurations.


It is common to find lockers from CMI in the full-height, two and three-tier configurations, but configurations of 6 doors per single bank are also available. Construction is typically welded sheet-metal, the wear and tear they experience will show up. CMI can provision new configurations in response to school renovation bid requests. Used lockers are in great demand for industrial workplace staff lockers for boots, coveralls, helmets, gloves and tools. Elsewhere, they are sold to homes for mud rooms, garage and even gun storage, workout gyms for clothing changes, restaurants for staff personal items, and I am sure we have not seen the last of creative applications!

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Used Pallet Racking

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Used Pallet Racking – Dependable and Economical

CMI provide used pallet racking for warehouse installations across western Canada.

Our origin is supplying used and surplus systems to meet the demands of small-to-medium businesses who want to optimize their investment in storage space at an affordable cost. After six years developing a solid service reputation, we have evolved into a full-service warehouse infrastructure company providing design consulting, permit processing services, new and pre-owned systems, installation, repair, demolition and full-scale warehouse moving services.

We attempt to keep our clients and future clients connected to our inventory of product but it is close to impossible to keep up with our constantly changing inventory. Please call or email us if you see something (or don’t see it!) that interests you.


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