Warehouse Property Services

Warehouse System Services

CMI’s Warehouse Services team offers professional certified service from the simple to complex weclomes inquiries from across Western Canada.

Site inspections?

Racking Safety inspections

Make sure your racking system is free of damages caused by excessive loads, forklift encounters, etc. Call

Dock Door Operations Inspection

Door panel damage, Spring adjustments, Weather seals Call

Dock Leveler Inspection

Dock levelers can be a serious safety hazard if not properly maintained. Make sure hydraulics are working, leveler lips function properly and weather seals are intact. Call

Racking Services?

Frame & Beam replacements

We can provide replacement frames and beams, complete with safety locks, concrete anchors using replacement products from the most popular local manufacturers. We care Pre-owned and New stock for repairs. Call

Warehouse Rennovations & Demolition

If you are planning a re-design, move or facility closure we will make sure your warehouse space left in work-ready condition or completely cleaned for the next tenant. Upon request we will find a new home for your racking, shelving and material handling items, even if that new home is CMI’s pre-owned inventory or consignment! Call

Frame Guards, Row End Protectors and Bollards

CMI stocks and installs accessories to minimize the potential for damage in your racking system. Custom solutions are our specialty. Call

Dock Door Repairs

Door panels, weather stripping, springs & locks. All things door related! Call

Dock Leveler PM Service and Repairs

Our PM services are an excellent way to prevent costly repairs and unsafe leveler operation. When repairs are needed our tech’s and access to parts for all makes and models is there to help. Call

Warehouse Design Services?

Inventory Review & Racking System Selection.

CMI would be pleased to consult on your warehouse project to ensure your storage system matches your inventory flow. Call

Design Services

Our drafting services “put-to-paper” your ideas to ensure the installation can be properly reviewed, approved and installed with consideration for all trades.

Engineering Approvals and Municipal PermitsCMI has helped a long list of customers get the required engineering approvals to support their planned use of building space. Additionally we are adept at navigating the municipal permits based on current code and building standards. Call
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